BILL BONE BIKE LAW is  your ‘go to’ source for legal help and advice. As a trial lawyer, longtime cycling advocate, and cycling enthusiast, Bill Bone shares a personal connection to the cycling community and the far-reaching consequences associated with bicycle accidents.

Steadfast in their pursuit of making the roads safer for cyclists throughout the state of Florida, the team of lawyers at BILL BONE BIKE LAW is dedicated to seeking justice for those who have been wronged. Through a combination of advocacy, education, and legal justice, the firm serves to provide a voice to cyclists who so often suffer from the actions of careless motorists.

BILL BONE BIKE LAW has strategically partnered with some of the state’s most prominent advocacy programs. Through connections with Bike Florida, Bikes Belong, Florida Bicycle Association, and Share the Road, BILL BONE BIKE LAW has had the opportunity to grow and learn within its own right, making the firm that much more valuable when a collision occurs. In addition, the law firm stands strong in their support of the cycling community by sponsoring the Bill Bone Pro-Am Racing Series and the Bill Bone Racing Team.

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Our Partners

BILL BONE BIKE LAW has partnered with many cycling related organizations both in Florida and throughout the nation. Bicycle safety in the United States is founded upon a solid education. BILL BONE BIKE LAW strongly believes that an educated driver is a safe driver. As such, the firm works diligently to provide a source of…

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Local Bike Shops

BILL BONE BIKE LAW strongly believes that successful advocacy and education begins at a local level. The firm strives to support local bike shops across the Sunshine State. As the foundation of support in the local community, bike shops provide the means for which all cyclists can travel. As such, our passion for cycling leaves…


About Bill Bone

Bill Bone has dedicated his law practice, and a lot of his spare time, to helping people. From his service work in college as a member of the exclusive Florida Blue Key Leadership Honorary Society to his endowment of the Trial Advocacy Book Award at the University of Florida Law School, Bill Bone has always…

News from the Road
Cycling 1800s

Sharing the Road an Issue since the Late 1800s

Cyclists in Florida and throughout the world are in a constant struggle with their motorist counterparts. “Sharing the road” is something that is spoken often and rarely followed by either party. The cyclists blame the cars and the car drivers blame the cyclists. It seems like a never-ending cycle of disagreements and frustrations. But when…

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IMG_2018 (3) (1)

Bill Bone Takes Action to Make Florida Roads Safer for Cyclists!

Bill Bone Bike Law strives to make the roads a safer place for cyclists to ride each and every day. Recently, we discovered that a road construction site was causing serious problems for cyclists. As shown in the image below, the uneven and potholed road was a safety hazard for cyclists traveling in the area….

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Bike to Work Day

Decided to Bike to Work? Here’s a Few Tips

Biking has a few unavoidable challenges that often keep beginner riders in their cars to get to work every day. From fears about the weather to concerns about dirtying work attire, bike commuting does not come without a couple of potential issues. But when you consider the massive amounts of benefits that come with cycling…

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