West Palm Beach Deploys Pop-Up Bike Lanes Along Flagler

West Palm Beach Embraces Tactical Urbanism—Deploys Pop-Up Bike Lanes Along Flagler

Earlier this month, the City of West Palm Beach deployed temporary bike lanes, often referred to as “pop-up bike lanes,” along Flagler Drive.  They were intended to serve as part of a study to assess whether permanent bike lanes would be a safe and effective method of eliminating a lane of traffic in the area.  The City partnered with the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization in an effort to count precisely how many people used the pop-up bike lane during the study period of one week.

According to a spokesperson with the City, the pop-bike lane study is a relatively easy way of demonstrating the need for more bike-friendly facilities throughout Palm Beach County.  He added, “[w]e hope to receive positive feedback to improve the design of Flagler, we’re hoping the data will guide us in the direction to use the Flagler waterfront to have a facility for multiple use of transportation.”

It appears that West Palm Beach is truly embracing its rapidly emerging position as a leader in urban livability design initiatives.  Just last month, the City was named as one of only six cities from across the country selected to participate in the innovative Tactical Urbanism Workshop Series , which champions the utilization of small, scalable interventions to improve the livability of towns and cities and provides hands-on guidance to participant cities on how to achieve that goal.  Pop-up bike lanes are among the most prominent and frequently cited examples of the Tactical Urbanism design philosophy.  

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