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BILL BONE BIKE LAW is dedicated to providing support to the cycling community in a meaningful, practical way across the state of Florida. As a cyclist, Bill Bone has been able to reach individuals on many levels in his pursuit of making the roads a safe place to ride.

Bringing together the cycling community serves as a powerful tool in raising awareness and eventually reducing the number of cycling accidents throughout the Sunshine State. With passion laying the foundation for every element of the advocacy program at BILL BONE BIKE LAW, the firm is able to seek justice for those who have been wronged on the roads.

Are you ready to get involved in the Florida cycling community? Keep reading for more information.

Bill Bone Pro Am

Bill Bone Pro Am

The 2013 Florida Cycling Bill Bone Pro Am presented by zMotion, BikeStreet USA and TopView Sports brings back tradition, quality, and fun with the best 12 weekends and 28 races in Florida. Largely esteemed throughout the state of Florida, the Bill Bone Pro Am has been recognized as one of the biggest cycling events in the Sunshine State.

Bill Bone Racing Team

Bill Bone Racing Team

Bill Bone Racing Team is a local club with members who are competitive cyclists and triathletes, as well as recreational cyclists just out to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery in South Florida. Building teamwork and camaraderie, the Bill Bone Racing Team participates in a variety of events throughout Florida.

Bill Bone Bike Tour

The Bill Bone Bike Tour is a 10 or 20 mile bike ride held in conjunction with the Marathon of the Palm Beaches. This is not a race but a family event to promote bicycling and a healthy lifestyle. For many years, Bill Bone has supported this tour by serving as court marshal. BILL BONE BIKE LAW continues to find new ways to advocate for bicycling safety and the advantages of traveling on two wheels.

Delray Twilight Series

BILL BONE BIKE LAW supports the Delray Twilight Series in the Palm Beach county community. Delray Twilight Series is a huge event that serves as an excellent outlet for bike safety promotion as well as a wonderful opportunity to unite the cycling community in South Florida.

Bikes for Tykes

Bike for Tykes

In an effort to give back to the community and the children of Florida, Bill Bone teamed up with BikeStreet USA and Bikes for Tykes to take a stand and give children the bicycles that they deserve. Together, these organizations donated 1,000 bicycles to needy children across the state of Florida. BILL BONE BIKE LAW shares the Bikes for Tykes belief that every child in America should have a bicycle. Together, Bikes for Tykes and BILL BONE BIKE LAW hopes to reduce childhood obesity, empower children, and help the South Florida environment.

BikeStreet USA

Bike Street USA Logo

Cycling in America is no longer just a sport or a hobby, it’s a movement. BikeStreet USA is a leader in this field and BILL BONE BIKE LAW proudly supports this incredible organization. Educating children and adults on being smart while traveling on the road is imperative to improving bike safety in the Sunshine State. In conjunction with Bikes for Tykes, BikeStreet USA is making a true difference through their promotion of bicycle safety.

Florida Special Olympics



The Florida Special Olympics puts on events throughout the year. Bill Bone Bike Law has the privilege of sponsoring the Hammerhead Bicycle Ride benefit.

Recyclable Bicycle Exchange

Recyclable Bike Exchange Fort Lauderdale
A volunteer bicycle exchange who’s goal is to help provide quality and safe bikes to the kids of South Florida, including the kids of BBBS of Broward County, as a means of introducing an entertaining activity that promotes an active lifestyle.

At BILL BONE BIKE LAW, community support is not only important, it is a vital element in our overall approach to bike safety. We believe that engaging the community in a plethora of capacities gives all types of people the opportunity to get involved. As BILL BONE BIKE LAW continues to build upon our current community support, we hope to encourage all walks to life to cycle safely and often.


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